Don’t Miss This TWO Day Workshop Event in Wellington Where You’ll Discover How To Grow Your Rent Roll By 100+ Properties Each Year

If You're Keen To Grow Your RENT ROLL, BUILD-UP Your Asset Value and PUMP-UP Your Monthly Fee Revenue, Then This is a MUST-ATTEND Event

The Secret To Doing It Successfully Is Knowing How

Here's a taste of what you'll learn...

  • How to stand out from other property management businesses, so property owners choose you…even if your fees are much higher!
  • Six practical, proven strategies to grow your rent roll that your competitors are not likely doing (or will unlikely be able to copy you!)
  • How to easily compete with rival agency discounters without lowering your management fees – we will show you some easy to implement TECHNIQUES that work!
  • The secret to win the business with little to no discussion about your fees...when all they'll want is you!
  • How to have quality referrals simply land in your lap from other professional services that your prospective clients also deal when buying investment properties.
  • ​How to find at least DOZENS of new leads a month for FREE from a simple setting change in the backend of your property marketing portal…and you'll be shocked that they're right under your nose too! (this backend setting change works great on and!)
  • ​Our proven 2-step technique that takes only 5-10 minutes to do but converts almost 100% of cold enquiry phone and email leads...even though you’re not the cheapest and they 'just want to know your fees!'



OAKS Wellington Hotel
89 Courtenay Place, Te Aro
For Reservations phone- 0800 004 285


Saturday and Sunday, 23rd-24th October 2021 (2 days)


What time:

9am to 5pm for both days(a

How much:

NZD$297 per person 
(or NZD$250 per person for 3 or more from the same office)

Who's it for:

IMPORTANT- Primarily this online event has been created in mind for Property Management Business Owners, Business Managers and PM Dept Heads who are responsible for rent roll growth, as well as the revenue and asset growth of their real estate business.

Though BDM's and Property Managers may find the content relevant, it is highly recommended that their business owner/manager also register and attend, to be able to fully accept and implement the strategies and concepts presented, and to support the implementation of the content that will be delivered.

Why You Must Attend This Event

Most real estate business owners we talk to tell us that their main goal is to build a strong asset value in their portfolio, and have it increase in value every month.

They want to grow their nest egg, and maximise the price they get when they eventually sell their rent roll.

PLUS, it increases their borrowing power with the bank should they wish to purchase another rent roll later on.

AND if they have real estate sales, they want to generate regular sales leads from the portfolio too!

AND finally they want consistent growing monthly fee income that will support their business and pay the bills so they can ride through the ups and downs of real estate.

That means they need a proven system that will generate consistent property management leads and new business GROWTH.

At this live, 2-day workshop event in Wellington we’ll show you SIX proven ways to GENERATE more leads, grow your rent roll and get the best market PM fees…and of which your competitors have no clue about!

Hi, I’m Darren Hunter.

Along with my partners Deniz Yusuf and Michael Sanz, we work with the top 10% of property management businesses in Australia, New Zealand and the United States.

Between us we have a combined 55 years of experience working, coaching and training in the property management industry.

That means our training is practical and real-world…not based on theories about what “should” work.

Together we have trained over 10,000 business owners in the last 3 years.
Now we’re bringing all this new information to our one-day online event to share with you.

We’ll be dissecting how and why these winning strategies work and demonstrating how you can implement them into your property management business.

Join us and other property management business owners and professionals for our two-day “Grow 100 PLUS” workshop event where we’ll be revealing little-known strategies to add 100+ quality properties to your rent roll...each and every year.

This is one event you don’t want to miss if your goal is to be in the top 10% of property management business performance and secure your future.

Reserve your ticket today.
By the end of the event you'll be armed with a complete and up-to-date arsenal of proven, successful strategies you can immediately implement into your business.

Live on stage over 2-days in Wellington:
Saturday 23rd October and 
Sunday 24th October 2021

Who the “GROW 100 PLUS” event is designed to suit

  • Owners of property management businesses want to grow their rent roll to the next level and DOMINATE in their marketplace.
  • Property management business owners who plan to sell their business (one day) and want to maximise their asset value.
  • Property management business owners who want a strong, consistent, growing, predictable fee income from their rent roll.
  • Property management business owners who want to stand out and not compete on price, and be able to charge high quality fees in their marketplace.
Don’t make the mistake of trying to figure all this out on your own. You will end up wasting too much of your valuable time. Our 55 years of combined experience will short-cut the process for you and save you from 'reinventing the wheel'.

Come and INVEST just TWO DAYS with us and let us show you how you can successfully grow your rent roll by 100+ properties in the next 12 months.

So…here's what others have said…

In New Zealand

“Changing mindsets around maximising fees. Good comebacks and scripts.”

Tracy Aspey
Property Manager – Hollie Joss Property Management

“Clarification on how to justify charges and answer objections. Fast moving and full of information.”

Judy Raill
Director, Smart Rental Property Management

“Lots of information; like the video examples.”

Jacqui Everett
Director – Rental Inspections Ltd

“Tips and reminders on previous topics covered from IGT scripts to cover for objections and new presentations.”

Angela Rolston
Sales and Operations Manager – Residential Rentals Ltd,

“Confidence gained!”

Craig Bentley
Owner – Rentcare Property Management

“Ideas for charging service fees to existing owners. Marketing! There is so much more that we can do here.”

Alynda Dow
Property Management Assistant – Iron Bridge Property Management

“Honest, full comprehensive content.”

Alynda Dow
Principal – Prime Rentals

In Australia

"Loved the session today, it gave us a clear strategy on what we need to focus on to start winning more managements."

Lina Lim
Director – Nidus Group, NSW

"What an amazing session, so much content packed into such a short space. The sharing of knowledge is just amazing. I can’t thank the team enough, it has been an absolute pleasure being part of the audience. Thanks guys, you are amazing!"

Shari Rakic
Holiday Rentals Manager - South Coast Realty Property Management, SA

"Just wanted to say thank you so much for today, I learned a lot and have many strategies that I can now implement to grow my rent roll."

Angilique Swartz
Property Manager - Harts Property, QLD

"The information delivered in the Grow 100 Plus session was fantastic. The team broke it down into some easy-to-follow instructions with plenty of visual information to help my business plan future property management growth. We now have a much clearer plan and action list for the next twelve months."

Tom Ellis
Principal - Bertram Ellis, ACT

"The IGT growth event inspired us by demonstrating not only how to create the great content required in order to generate leads but also showed us how to use the content effectively."

Colin Fulton
Managing Director - Edwards Windsor Real Estate, TAS

"Thank you all for a really informative course today plus the important reminder that results will only occur with implementation and consistency. Now we know what to do, we need to do what we know."

Julia Saunders
Director/Property Manager - Saunders Property Group, TAS

"Thanks to everyone for a great training day!
I really enjoyed and will take on board the “Investors Support Services”"

Kerrie Stafford
BDM - Hoskins Real Estate, VIC

"I just wanted to say that today’s online training was very insightful, a lot of content to process & implement. Very thankful for the knowledge & experience shared to help each & everyone of us."

Tiana Gillard
BDM/Marketing & Sales Executive - Consolidated Property Management & Sales, WA

"Wow, what a day. Deniz, Michael and Darren, you guys are amazing. I have learnt so much in one day."

Ainsley Boyle
Property Manager - The Realty Group MacArthur, NSW

"Thank you so much for your time and expertise today!

 I am really looking forward to sharing this knowledge with my colleagues and implementing so much of the content of which you spoke about.

 I will be joining all future training and of course visiting your Facebook page on a regular basis.

 Take care and thank you again for all I have learnt today."

Michelle Gillespie
Leasing Consultant / BDM - Professionals Paradise Realty, NSW

"These guys are incredible. A fantastic trio and awesome combination of skill sets and talent, knowledge and experience. And perfect for the larger and small size businesses. Plus plenty of free info. #amazing"

Treena Kahale
Principal/Director - Complete Property Agency, NSW

"I was doubtful about attending this zoom session, nothing good ‘comes for free’!. When you're a business owner, time is your most valuable asset. This session was definitely worth my time, every second of it. A must in my eyes."

Crystal Fisher
Director - LJ Hooker Atherton, QLD

"Today’s training was so inspiring. So many Principals want organic growth and don’t understand full-time Property Managers don’t have the time to do whilst they are managing their portfolio. This training has been able to showcase all the ways organic growth can occur and highlights that you need a full-time BDM to achieve this. With implementing the strategies it will return the outlay quickly and enable you to step-up and showcase yourselves as experts in your field."

Louise Schofield
Operations Manager - Property Management, Jacksonwall, NSW

"I have just attended the most 'action-packed' online training ever in growing your 100 rental portfolios conducted by Property Leasing and Management Gurus and Strategists... Deniz, Darren and Michael. I cannot wait to implement all that I learn and have faith that I will surely achieve above and beyond the 100. Well worth every second of my time today."

Audrey Pang
Sales Partner - Jamie Loh Real Estate, WA

"What a great training day, always full of energy and excellent content. It is by far the best training I have attended. I highly recommend IGT to everyone out there. If you are looking to take your business to the next level then look no further.

Your passion has inspired me. I look forward to joining IGT and also able to help many others grow their passion for property management."

Betty Pham
Director/Principal - AB Beyond Investments, VIC

"I had the opportunity to sit in today’s training session with IGT & let’s just say I am completely mind blown with how much knowledge the team provided.

I have made a list of things I need to do which involves implementing everything that was discussed today in the training sessions. I am excited & now have the motivation to become a successful BDM.

Thank you so much for today to the IGT team, I appreciate all the advice & knowledge you have provided."

Zowe McElligott
BDM - LJ Hooker Gladstone, QLD

"Loved everything you are changing lives!"

Melissa Feijoo
Director – Revolution Property Group

"Networking is invaluable! The content was amazing! Loved the sessions and being able to interact on a closer lever providing more understanding and clarity to able implementation with confidence."

Julie Collins
Principal – Altitude Real Estate NSW

"Inspirational, exceptional knowledge, the belief that there is no obstacle you cannot overcome. Video technology is a must! I just need to lose 10 kg first lol!"

Linda Gulabovska
Right Choice Real Estate

"The wealth of relevant and forward thinking, content provided. I have two pages of ideas for implementation – some tweaking ideas and some meatier – all which will give our business new energy and life. Exceeded my expectations. Loved the workshop for investor night and doing the video so more interaction content would be great."

Julie Baird
Department Manager – Hockingstuart Armadale

"A reality check on what we aren’t doing and the gaps in our business, but great solutions on how to fix them"

Jane Blair
Director – Century 21 Curtis & Blair

"Several different things that I can immediately implement to my business"

Mel Simone
Director – Starr Partners Parramatta


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Ticket Refund Policy

For ALL Tickets

Cancellations more than 7 days before the event will get a refund, less $110 administration fee, per ticket

Any cancellation 7 days or less before the event NO REFUNDS will be given. 

Your ticket(s) may be transferred to any other person nominated- please email with transfer details.

Substitutions and ticket transfers are permissible.

Please let us know in writing to

Please note- We have the right to refuse entry to anyone. In this case, a refund will be issued in full and no explanation as to refusal may be given.

COVID Restriction Refund Policy- Should you not be able to attend the event because of a government-enforced COVID related lockdown on the event dates (or just before) and either prevents you from leaving your region to attend the event, or means you need to quarantine when you return because of Government directed lockdown regulations/conditions, your event ticket refund is still subject to our ticket refund policy, as we have expenses already incurred. 

Wellington COVID Lockdown Refund Policy- should the event not be held due to lockdown laws enforced by local or federal government restrictions resulting in the event not being able to occur, then the event will be postponed to another date and refunds will still be subject to our refund policy, as stated above.

This includes if the speakers (coming from Australia) are not able to attend the event due to COVID related regulations by either the New Zealand Government, or an Australian State/Country government COVID related restriction/conditions placed on the speakers in their ability to leave the country and/or enter New Zealand.

Non-Refund of Travel Expenses- please note that we cannot be held responsible for any financial loss with your travel accommodation, transport, meals and flight due to event non-attendance because of or related to COVID restrictions imposed on you or the event itself or our Ticket Refund Policy.

The Ticket Refund Policy outlined above applies to your original ticket purchase amount.